Alaska Granite At Best Price ₹99 From Kishangarh

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Alaska Granite At Best Price ₹99 From Kishangarh

Alaska granite features a combination of pale silver and white shades, with natural and frosty markings. Its natural color adds a contemporary and bright touch.

Due to its durability and shine, it can be utilized for various purposes. The granite is mined from Brazil and is commonly referred to as Alaska white granite. Its primary composition includes quartz feldspar, and it has minimal water absorption.

The granite’s alluring colors and remarkable appearance bring positive vibes whenever viewed. It is also an excellent option for staircases, exterior flooring, and wall cladding.

Homeowners frequently opt for Alaska white granite for countertops and wall cladding because of its striking look and reasonable price range.

Granite’s popularity continues to grow, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Although hardness and durability remain their most appealing features.

Types of Alaska Granite in India

Various types of Alaska granite are available in Kishangarh at Bhutra Marble & Granites, each possessing distinctive characteristics and color tones. Some of the most popular types of Alaska granite are:

Alaska White Granite

Alaska White granite has a modern and bright appearance with pale silver and white colors and natural frosty markings. It is an excellent option for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding.

Alaska Gold Granite

As the name suggests, this granite has golden and beige hues with black and white flecks, creating a warm and cozy look. It is suitable for kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

Alaska Yellow Granite

This granite has a pale yellow background with black and white specks, giving it a subtle and sophisticated appearance. It is ideal for flooring and wall cladding.

Alaska Red Granite

This granite has a greenish-gray background with black and white flecks, providing a natural and earthy look. It is perfect for countertops and flooring.

Alaska Blue Granite

This granite features a blue-gray background with black and white specks, creating a calming and relaxing ambiance. It is a good choice for bathroom countertops and wall cladding.

Some other types of Alaska granites are:

Names Of Alsaska GranitePrice in Per Sq Ft.
Alaska Armani₹100/-
Alaska Metal Gold ₹130/-
Alaska Pink₹100-110/-
Alaska Peach Light Pink₹100-110/-
Alaska Leaf With Blue Sparkle₹120-130/-
Armani Gold Armani Beige Armani White₹100/-
Alaska Pink Light ₹90-110/-
Azul White₹120/-
Azul Alaska with golden Stacks₹120/-
Azul White Premium₹120/-

Each type of Alaska granite has its own unique color and pattern, making it a perfect option for a variety of applications in both residential and commercial projects.

Alaska Granite Price in Kishangarh

The cost of Alaska granite is subject to fluctuation, influenced by various factors including the variety of granite, its color, dimensions, thickness, and site of origin.

The Alaska granite price starts at ₹100 to 200 in Kishangarh at Bhutra Marble & Granites Kishangarh Rajasthan.

If you are searching for the best quality granites and marble for your home and other commercial purposes make a simple call to everything you need to know about granites and marble which product is best for your home and commercial uses and also fits in your budget.

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Uses of Alaska Granite in Your Interiors and Exteriors

Alaska granite is a versatile and resilient natural stone with a multitude of applications. This durable material can be utilized in various ways, including:


Alaska granite is a preferred material for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its sturdiness, resistance to heat, and ease of upkeep.


Alaska granite is suitable for flooring in high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways due to its durability and ability to resist wear and tear.

Wall cladding

Alaska granite can be used to create striking wall cladding both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor landscaping

Alaska granite is a reliable choice for outdoor landscaping projects like garden paths, water features, and retaining walls as it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Monuments and memorials

Alaska granite is commonly used to construct monuments and memorials because of its resilience and ability to withstand harsh weather.

Commercial and industrial applications

Alaska granite is often used in commercial and industrial settings such as lobbies, office spaces, and public buildings due to its durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Best Alaska Granite Supplier From Kishangarh

Bhutra Marble & Granites is a renowned provider of Alaska granite supplier and a manufacturer from Kishangarh, India.

The company specializes in procuring and delivering premium quality natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite to customers worldwide.

Alaska granite is a top-selling product of Bhutra Marble & Granites, sourced from superior quarries in India that are renowned for producing granite with exceptional quality, unique patterns, and durability.

The company offers a broad range of Alaska granite slabs in different sizes and thicknesses to meet the diverse requirements of its customers.

The company prides itself on being a dependable supplier that places great emphasis on ensuring its products meet the highest quality standards.

In addition to Alaska granite, Bhutra Marble & Granites has an extensive selection of other natural stones, including onyx, quartzite, and Italian, imported, Indian marbles.

Its comprehensive product range and unwavering commitment to quality have helped the company establish a loyal customer base that includes interior designers, architects, builders, and homeowners.

Bhutra Marble & Granites is a leading supplier and exporter of high-quality marble and granites at the most affordable price range in India.

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