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October 3, 2020
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Italian Marble

When it comes to marble, the stone of choice for some of the most famous buildings and sculptures in the world, there are two main types you’ll find at your local materials supplier or stone yard. These are Indian marble, which comes from India, and Italian marble, which originates in Italy.If you’re planning an interior remodeling project, you’re probably wondering how these two types of marble compare so you can make an informed decision about what type of marble best suits your needs.

The difference between Italian and Indian marble

Italian marble is highly prized and sought after because it's a high-quality stone that's versatile and can be used in many different settings. Indian marble is also a very popular choice as it has some unique and desirable traits, such as good color retention, durability, and an affordable price point. The main drawback to Indian marble is that its workability isn't quite up to par with other types of marble. For example, it may chip more easily or require additional tools during the fabrication process than other types of stone. These characteristics are typically not a problem when the material is used for less conspicuous purposes (such as countertops). In general, which type of marble you use will depend on the type of application you have in mind.

The benefits of each type of marble

Italian marble is softer, more luxurious, and more expensive than Indian marble. It is most widely used in residential spaces like bathrooms because of its appearance, but can also be found in kitchens, foyers, and other areas of the home. In contrast to the light colors that are characteristic of Italian marble, Indian marble is typically a dark gray or black color with brown streaks running through it. This type of marble tends to have a more textured appearance that makes it less smooth than its counterpart. The material has been popular for many years in commercial buildings such as hotels, churches, and office complexes. Due to the variation between each type of marble on offer, it’s important to consider what you need before making your purchase.

How to choose the right type of marble for your home

Deciding on the right type of marble for your home can be a tough decision. There are so many types of marble to choose from, but the two most common types found in homes are Italian and Indian marble. When choosing, consider the following factors: appearance, durability, cost, and location. Italian marble is typically more expensive than Indian marble, but it has a cleaner, brighter appearance that is more appealing to many homeowners. In addition, because it has been quarried for centuries in Italy, it's still abundant and quarries can meet demand. It also has greater durability than Indian marbles because they have less calcite content which makes them easier to cut into slabs.

Indian Marble Vs Italian Marble

Italian marble is quarried from the ground in Italy. It's prized for its durability, beauty, color range, and easy to maintain. Marble is a metamorphic rock that can be mined or cut with a saw. Marble is created when limestone undergoes heat and pressure over millions of years.

Indian marble has a few different names depending on what region it comes from including Jaipur marble, Rajasthani marble, or Calcutta Marble. The natural colors found in Indian marble vary but include black, green, pink, reds and yellow. When choosing your tile for your home or office choose wisely by looking at the cost of shipping versus what you are getting. You might want to go with Italian marble if you want something less expensive as opposed to buying Indian marble tiles which are very expensive due to their rarity.

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