Granite Price

Granite is a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and various other applications due to its durability, elegance, and natural beauty. India is one of the largest producers and exporters of granite in the world, offering a wide range of colors, patterns, and quality options. We will explore the best quality granite prices in India and provide you with a comprehensive granite price list to help you make informed decisions for your next project.
Quality: The quality of granite, determined by its appearance, durability, and rarity, significantly affects its price. High-quality granite with unique patterns and consistent coloration tends to be more expensive.
Color and Pattern: Granite comes in a vast array of colors and patterns, each with its price point. Common colors like black and white may be more affordable, while exotic or rare colors command a higher price.
Thickness: Granite is available in different thicknesses, ranging from 2 cm to 3 cm. Thicker slabs are generally pricier due to the additional material required and the enhanced durability they offer.
Origin: The region where the granite is quarried can affect its price. Different regions in India produce granite with varying characteristics and qualities, leading to variations in prices.

Granite Price in India | Granite Price List 2023

Basic Colors: Black Galaxy: Rs. 120 to Rs. 250 per square foot Steel Grey: Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per square foot Hassan Green: Rs. 80 to Rs. 150 per square foot Imperial White: Rs. 110 to Rs. 180 per square foot
Mid-range Colors: Sapphire Blue: Rs. 180 to Rs. 280 per square foot Tan Brown: Rs. 160 to Rs. 240 per square foot River White: Rs. 140 to Rs. 220 per square foot Baltic Brown: Rs. 120 to Rs. 200 per square foot
Exotic Colors: Blue Pearl: Rs. 250 to Rs. 350 per square foot Kashmir Gold: Rs. 220 to Rs. 320 per square foot Vyara Gold: Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 per square foot Black Pearl: Rs. 180 to Rs. 280 per square foot
Premium Colors: Black Absolute: Rs. 350 to Rs. 500 per square foot Alaska White: Rs. 300 to Rs. 450 per square foot Colonial Gold: Rs. 280 to Rs. 400 per square foot Ivory Brown: Rs. 250 to Rs. 350 per square foot
1Rajasthan Black GraniteRajasthan Black Granite ₹ 55/- Sq Ft.
2Leather Finish GraniteLeather Finish Granite ₹ 58/- Sq Ft.
3Designer Granites SlabDesigner Granites Slab ₹ 120/- Sq Ft.
4Outdoor Granite SlabOutdoor Granite Slab ₹ 80/- Sq Ft.
5Alaska Red Granite SlabAlaska Red Granite Slab ₹ 110/- Sq Ft.
6Blue Pearl Granite SlabBlue Pearl Granite Slab ₹ 350/- Sq Ft.
7Green Pearl Granite SlabGreen Pearl Granite Slab ₹ 120/- Sq Ft.
8Granite StoneGranite Stone ₹ 50/- Sq Ft.
9Granite SlabGranite Slab ₹ 55/- Sq Ft.
10Tiger Skin Granite SlabTiger Skin Granite Slab ₹ 50/- Sq Ft.
11Polished Granite SlabPolished Granite Slab ₹ 70/- Sq Ft.
12Brown Granite SlabBrown Granite Slab ₹ 55/- Sq Ft.
13Fantasy Gold GranitesFantasy Gold Granites ₹ 56/- Sq Ft.
14Imperial Red Granite SlabImperial Red Granite Slab ₹ 62/- Sq Ft.
15Black Pearl GraniteBlack Pearl Granite slab ₹ 60/- Sq Ft.
16Brown Granite SlabBrown Granite Slab ₹ 55/- Sq Ft.
17Exterior Granite SlabBhutra Smart Granite Design Slab ₹ 80/- Sq Ft.
18Blue Pearl Granite SlabBlue Pearl Granite Slab ₹ 55/- Sq Ft.
19Copenhagen GraniteCopenhagen Granite ₹ 48/- Sq Ft.
20Cianitus Sparkle GranitesCianitus Sparkle Granites ₹ 48/- Sq Ft.
21Black Agatha GraniteBlack Agatha Granite ₹ 60/- Sq Ft.
22Bianco Antique GraniteBianco Antique Granite ₹ 40/- Sq Ft.
23Red Multi GraniteRed Multi Granite ₹ 60/- Sq Ft.
24Bhutra Smart Granite Design Exterior Granite Slab ₹ 115/- Sq Ft.
25Lakha Red GranitesLakha Red Granites ₹ 140/- Sq Ft.
27Alaska White GraniteAlaska White Granite ₹ 120/- Sq Ft.
28P-White GraniteWhite Granite ₹ 48/- Sq Ft.
29Desert Gold Granite SlabDesert Gold Granite Slab ₹ 80/- Sq Ft.
30Granite Flooring SlabGranite Flooring Slab ₹ 48/- Sq Ft.
31Cheema Granite SlabCheema Granite Slab ₹ 50/- Sq Ft.
32Coin Black GraniteTexture of the Boucle Wool Fabric As Textile Background Stock Image - Image  of natural, comfort: 195524889 ₹ 65/- Sq Ft.
33Exuberant Brown GranitesExuberant Brown Granites ₹ 420/- Sq Ft.
34Brown Bamboo GraniteBrown Bamboo Granite ₹ 55/- Sq Ft.
35Brown Agate GraniteBrown Agate Granite ₹ 60/- Sq Ft.
36Blue Pearl GraniteBlue Pearl Granite ₹ 60/- Sq Ft.
37Blue Diamond GranitesBlue Diamond Granites ₹ 50/- Sq Ft.
38Colonial White GraniteColonial White Granite ₹ 90/- Sq Ft.
39Kashmir White GraniteKashmir White Granite ₹ 85/- Sq Ft.
40Natural Granite SlabNatural Granite Slab ₹ 44/- Sq Ft.
41Fish Black Granite SlabFish Black Granite Slab ₹ 65/- Sq Ft.
42Jet Black GraniteJet Black Granite ₹ 145/- Sq Ft.
43Fish Black GraniteFish Black Granite ₹ 65/- Sq Ft.
44Giallo Florito GraniteGiallo Florito Granite ₹ 40/- Sq Ft.
45Galactic Blue GraniteGalactic Blue Granite ₹ 80/- Sq Ft.
46Diamond Fall GraniteDiamond Fall Granite ₹ 48/- Sq Ft.
47Black Cosmic GraniteBlack Cosmic Granite ₹ 40/- Sq Ft.
48Black GraniteZ Black Granite Slab ₹ 125/- Sq Ft.
49Sinduri Red GraniteSinduri Red Granite ₹ 80/- Sq Ft.
50Belvedere GraniteBelvedere Granite ₹ 60/- Sq Ft.
51Leather Finish GraniteLeather Finish Granite ₹ 58/- Sq Ft.
52Emerald Green Pearl GraniteEmerald Green Pearl Granite ₹ 380/- Sq Ft.
53Alaska Gold GranitesAlaska Gold Granites ₹ 100/- Sq Ft.
54Madurai Gold GranitesMadurai Gold Granites ₹ 100/- Sq Ft.
55Coffee Brown GraniteCoffee Brown Granite ₹ 80/- Sq Ft.
56Cat Eyes GraniteCat Eyes Granite ₹ 90/- Sq Ft.
57Brazilian Brown GraniteBrazilian Brown Granite ₹ 50/- Sq Ft.
58Brown Pearl GraniteBrown Pearl Granite ₹ 40/- Sq Ft.