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Welcome to the captivating world of luxury and sophistication, where timeless beauty meets the finest craftsmanship. Bhutra Marble & Granites, nestled in the heart of Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India, invites you to explore the enchanting realm of marble like never before. With our unrivaled expertise and commitment to quality, we bring you an impeccable guide to understanding marble prices, an essential companion on your journey to adorning your spaces with opulence.
Marble Price Overview: We cover all types of premium latest marble price list for 2024, including Italian Marble Price, Imported Marble Price, and White Marble Price. Below, you can find our selected best quality premium marble prices. Feel free to browse through them one by one. If you have any questions about the price or product, please don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, email, or phone. We are happy to help you!
Finish and Processing: The finish you choose – polished, honed, brushed, or tumbled – adds a personalized touch to your marble masterpiece. The level of processing and detailing involved influences the final price.
Size and Thickness: Marble is available in various dimensions and thicknesses, allowing you to tailor your selections to fit your design vision perfectly. The size and thickness of the marble slab can contribute to its pricing.
Embarking on a Journey of Elegance: At Bhutra Marble & Granites, we understand that every project is a manifestation of your unique aesthetic. Whether you envision the timeless elegance of Carrara marble, the dramatic beauty of Nero Marquina, or the ethereal allure of Calacatta, we are your partners in bringing your dreams to life.
Consult Our Experts: Our knowledgeable team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in making informed decisions. From selecting the ideal marble to understanding the intricacies of pricing, we are here to guide you every step of the way.
Visit Our Showroom: Step into our exquisite showroom in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, where you can witness the splendor of marble firsthand. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and sophistication as you explore our carefully curated collection.

Italian, Imported, White Marble Price List

Our Italian, Imported, and White Marble Price List for 2024 offers competitive prices for premium marble varieties. Discover Italian marble, high-quality imported options, and timeless elegance of white marble. Explore our curated selection for informed decisions and design projects.

Italian Marble Price List

1.Bulgaria Italian MarbleBulgaria Italian Marble ₹ 250/-
2.Dyna Italian MarbleDyna Italian Marble ₹ 145/-
3.Red Chegin Italian MarbleRed Chegin Italian Marble ₹ 165/-
4.Agora Beige Italian MarbleBeige Italian Marble ₹ 160/-
5.Beige Travertine MarbleBeige Travertine Marble ₹ 210/-
6.Diana Brescia MarbleDiana Brescia Marble ₹ 200/-
7.Grey Italian MarbleGrey Italian Marble ₹ 176/-
8.Lavazza MarbleLavazza Marble ₹ 200/-
9.Breccia Aurora Italian MarbleBreccia Aurora Italian Marble ₹ 220/-
10.Bhutra Dyna Italian Marble SlabBhutra Dyna Italian Marble Slab ₹ 150/-
11.Sugar Beige Italian MarbleSugar Beige Italian Marble ₹ 180/-
12.Rosalia MarbleRosalia Marble ₹ 165/-
13.Breccia Diana MarbleBreccia Diana Marble ₹ 165/-
14.Beige Travertine MarbleBeige Travertine Marble ₹ 155/-
15.Statuario Italian MarblesStatuario Italian Marbles ₹ 330/-
16.Grey William Italian MarbleGrey William Italian Marble ₹ 240/-
17.Breccia Aurora Italian MarbleBreccia Aurora Italian Marble ₹ 220/-
18.Emperador MarbleEmperador Marble ₹ 170/-
19.Diana Beige Italian MarbleDiana Beige Italian Marble ₹ 150/-
20.Crema Beige Italian MarbleCrema Beige Italian Marble ₹ 160/-
21.Moon Beige Italian MarbleMoon Beige Italian Marble ₹ 166/-
22.Feather Beige Italian MarbleFeather Beige Italian Marble ₹ 169/-
23.Italian Diana MarbleItalian Diana Marble ₹ 160/-
24.Rose Black Italian MarbleRose Black Italian Marble ₹ 200/-
25.Vegas Gold Italian MarbleVegas Gold Italian Marble ₹ 210/-
26.Lady Grey Italian MarbleLady Grey Italian Marble ₹ 185/-
27.Silver Portoro Italian MarbleSilver Portoro Italian Marble ₹ 185/-
28Tiger Onyx Italian MarbleTiger Onyx Italian Marble ₹ 270/-
29.Bullberry Beige Italian MarbleBullberry Beige Italian Marble ₹ 172/-
30.Flurry Beige Italian MarbleFlurry Beige Italian Marble ₹ 185/-
31.Michael Angelo Italian MarbleMichael Angelo Italian Marble ₹ 280/-
32.Bianco White Italian MarbleBianco White Italian Marble ₹ 200/-
33.Dark Onyx Italian MarbleDark Onyx Italian Marble ₹ 330/-
34.Grey Fiasco Italian MarbleGrey Fiasco Italian Marble ₹ 195/-
35.Armani Grey Italian MarbleArmani Grey Italian Marble ₹ 180/-
36.Green Onyx Italian MarbleGreen Onyx Italian Marble ₹ 500/-
37.Crema Marfil Italian MarbleCrema Marfil Italian Marble ₹ 170/-
38.Diano Italian MarbleDiano Italian Marble ₹ 160/-
39.Di Martino Italian MarbleDi Martino Italian Marble ₹ 175/-
40.Bianco Carrara White Italian MarbleBianco Carrara White Italian Marble ₹ 220/-
41.Carrara White Italian MarbleCarrara White Italian Marble ₹ 230/-
42.Blue onyx Imported MarbleBlue onyx Imported Marble ₹ 440/-
43.Venatino Italian MarbleVenatino Italian Marble ₹ 260/-
44.Volkas White Italian MarbleVolkas White Italian Marble ₹ 220/-
45.Volkas White Italian MarbleVolkas White Italian Marble ₹ 180/-
46.Statuario Italian White MarbleStatuario Italian White Marble ₹ 460/-
47.Volakass White Italian MarbleVolakass White Italian Marble ₹ 240/-
48.Black Italian MarbleBlack Italian Marble ₹ 165/-
49.Iris Brown Italian MarbleIris Brown Italian Marble ₹ 170/-
50.Orange Onyx Italian MarbleOrange Onyx Italian Marble ₹ 550/-
51.Onyx Italian MarbleOnyx Italian Marble ₹ 340/-
52.Athens Beige MarbleAthens Beige Marble ₹ 155/-
53.Autumn Yellow MarbleAutumn Yellow Marble ₹ 220/-
54.Baltic Crocodile MarbleBaltic Crocodile Marble ₹ 240/-
55.Baltic Pink MarbleBaltic Pink Marble ₹ 210/-
56.Baltic Sea Wave MarbleBaltic Sea Wave Marble ₹ 260/-
57.Beige Serpeggiante MarbleBeige Serpeggiante Marble ₹ 190/-
58.Black Forest MarbleBlack Forest Marble ₹ 250/-
59.Brecia Onichita MarbleBrecia Onichita Marble ₹ 260/-
60.Bronzite MarbleBronzite Marble ₹ 175/-

Imported Marble Price List

1Statuario White Italian MarbleStatuario White Italian Marble ₹ 600/-
2Black Marquina Marble Polished 20MMBlack Marquina Marble Polished 20MM ₹ 145/-
3Di Martino MarbleDi Martino Marble ₹ 170/-
4Golden Emperador MarbleGolden Emperador Marble ₹ 165/-
5Golden Sienna MarbleGolden Sienna Marble ₹ 190/-
6Pure White MarblePure White Marble ₹ 250/-
7Rosso Levanto MarbleRosso Levanto Marble ₹ 260/-
8Italian MarbleItalian Marble ₹ 145/-
9Golden Phoenix MarbleGolden Phoenix Marble ₹ 220/-
10Turkish Imported Marble SlabTurkish Imported Marble Slab ₹ 115/-
11Michael Angelo Italian Marble 2Michael Angelo Italian Marble 2 ₹ 230/-
12Omani Beige Imported MarbleOmani Beige Imported Marble ₹ 180/-
13Titanium Black Italian MarbleTitanium Black Italian Marble ₹ 200/-
14Golden Lava MarbleGolden Lava Marble ₹ 210/-
15Golden Portoro MarbleGolden Portoro Marble ₹ 210/-
16Golden Spider MarbleGolden Spider Marble ₹ 220/-
17Golden ST Laure MarbleGolden ST Laure Marble ₹ 200/-
18Grey Bardiglo MarbleGrey Bardiglo Marble ₹ 170/-
19Grey Carnico MarbleGrey Carnico Marble ₹ 180/-
20Grey Chegin MarbleGrey Chegin Marble ₹ 180/-
21Grey Colamandin MarbleGrey Colamandin Marble ₹ 180/-
22Grey Emperador MarbleGrey Emperador Marble ₹ 170/-
23Grey Flurry MarbleGrey Flurry Marble ₹ 170/-
24Grey Illusion MarbleGrey Illusion Marble ₹ 200/-
25Grey Opera MarbleGrey Opera Marble ₹ 150/-
26Grey Serpaggiant MarbleGrey Serpaggiant Marble ₹ 175/-
27Grey Wave MarbleGrey Wave Marble ₹ 169/-
28Grey William MarbleGrey William Marble ₹ 195/-
29Lasa White MarbleLasa White Marble ₹ 230/-
30Ottoman Beige MarbleOttoman Beige Marble ₹ 180/-
31Nolte Blue MarbleNolte Blue Marble ₹ 210/-
32Mexican Red MarbleMexican Red Marble ₹ 260/-
33Norweigen Rose MarbleNorweigen Rose Marble ₹ 200/-
34Montebello Beige MarbleMontebello Beige Marble ₹ 165/-
35Nolte Blue MarbleNolte Blue Marble ₹ 210/-
36Myra Beige MarbleMyra Beige Marble ₹ 155/-
37Mona Lisa Beige MarbleMona Lisa Beige Marble ₹ 176/-
38Mona Lapis Lazuli MarbleMona Lapis Lazuli Marble ₹ 260/-
39Lilac MarbleLilac Marble ₹ 225/-
40Louis Agate MarbleLouis Agate Marble ₹ 230/-
41Amazon White MarbleAmazon White Marble ₹ 200/-
42Mango Onyx MarbleMango Onyx Marble ₹ 270/-
43Dark Emperador MarbleDark Emperador Marble ₹ 170/-
44Burberry Beige Italian MarbleBurberry Beige Italian Marble ₹ 180/-
45White Onyx Italian MarbleWhite Onyx Italian Marble ₹ 550/-
46Armani Light Grey Italian MarbleArmani Light Grey Italian Marble ₹ 176/-
47Black Portoro Italian MarbleBlack Portoro Italian Marble ₹ 190/-
48Agora Beige Italian MarbleAgora Beige Italian Marble ₹ 150/-
49White Tiger Onyx Italian MarbleWhite Tiger Onyx Italian Marble ₹ 300/-
50Onyx Italian MarbleOnyx Italian Marble ₹ 400/-
Imported Marble Price List

White Marble Price List

1Rajasthan MarbleRajasthan Marble ₹ 35/-
2Indian Statuario MarbleIndian Statuario Marble ₹ 55/-
3Wonder Beige SlabWonder Beige Slab ₹ 42/-
4Morchana Gold MarbleMorchana Gold Marble ₹ 35/-
5Albeta Marble SlabAlbeta Marble Slab ₹ 35/-
6Makrana KumariMakrana Kumari ₹ 25/-
7Albeta Marble SlabsAlbeta Marble Slabs ₹ 35/-
8Agaria Albeta MarbleAgaria Albeta Marble ₹ 40/-
9Indo Italian MarbleIndo Italian Marble ₹ 50/-
10Aspur MarbleAspur Marble ₹ 35/-
11GT MarbleGT Marble ₹ 25/-
12Agaria White Marble SlabINDIAN MARBLE Agaria White Marble, Thickness: 15-20 mm, Application Area:  Flooring, Rs 55 /square feet | ID: 20714564688 ₹ 37/-
13Makrana Kumari MarbleMakrana Kumari Marble ₹ 18/-
14Red Katni Onyx MarbleRed Katni Onyx Marble ₹ 50/-
15MarbleMarble ₹ 28/-
Indian Marble Price List


1What is the price of marble?
The price of marble can vary based on factors such as the type, quality, and origin. For specific pricing information, it’s best to contact Bhutra Marble & Granites directly as they offer a wide range of marble products with varying price.
2How much does marble cost?
Marble costs can vary depending on the type and quality. Bhutra Marble & Granites offers a diverse selection, so prices will differ best price starts from INR 50 to 2500/- per sqft. To get accurate pricing, it’s recommended to contact the company directly for a quote based on your specific requirements.
3What is the cost of marble flooring for a 1000 square feet house?
The cost of marble flooring for a 1000 square feet house will depend on the chosen marble type and quality. Bhutra Marble & Granites can provide detailed quotes based on your preferences, ensuring you get accurate pricing for your specific project.
4Which marble is good for home?
Bhutra Marble & Granites offers a variety of marbles suitable for homes. Popular choices include Carrara Marble for a classic look, Statuario Marble, Michelangelo Marble, Calacatta Marble for elegance, and Crema Marfil Marble for warmth. The best marble for your home depends on your aesthetic preferences and the intended use.
5Which marble is best cheap?
Bhutra Marble & Granites may have affordable options, and the pricing can vary. It’s recommended to inquire directly about budget-friendly marble choices for your specific needs and preferences.
6Is marble costly?
Marble can be considered a premium material, and the cost varies based on factors like type and quality. While it may be considered relatively more expensive than some alternatives, the aesthetic and durability often justify the investment.
7Which marble is costly?
High-end marbles such as Statuario, Calacatta, and Blue Savoy are often considered more costly due to their rarity and unique veining. Bhutra Marble & Granites can provide information on a range of marbles, including those at different price points.
8Is marble expensive or cheap?
Marble can range from relatively affordable to expensive, depending on the type and quality. Bhutra Marble & Granites offers a variety of options to suit different budgets, making it possible to find both affordable and luxurious choices.
9Why is marble costly?
Marble can be costly due to its natural beauty, unique patterns, and the extraction process. Rarer types are more expensive. Bhutra Marble & Granites can provide insights into the factors influencing the cost of specific marbles.
10Which marble is used in the Taj Mahal?
The Taj Mahal features white marble, specifically Makrana marble, known for its purity and luminosity. Bhutra Marble & Granites may offer similar high-quality white marbles suitable for various applications.
11Which is costlier, marble or granite?
Marble and granite can vary in cost depending on the specific type and quality. Some marbles, especially rare ones, can be more expensive than certain granite options. Bhutra Marble & Granites can help you compare prices and choose based on your preferences.
12Which is best, marble or tiles?
The choice between marble and tiles depends on personal preferences and the intended use. Marble offers a luxurious and natural look, while tiles provide versatility. Bhutra Marble & Granites can help you explore options and make an informed decision based on your project requirements.