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October 3, 2020
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October 3, 2020
Black Granite Slab

Black Granite slab

Who wouldn't need a perfect and classy interior for their home? Granite slabs are one of the most popular natural stones used by property owners. The granite is known for its strength, durability, and look that remains unmatched in the world of natural stones. Among all, black granite is leading the trend with its natural black beauty and elegance. Black Granite slab is one of the well known and famous natural stones used by homeowners worldwide. Black Granite is used with some design elements including flooring, cabinets, and washbasins. It doesn't matter which color or texture. Quarried in India, Black granite is a simple yet attention-grabbing natural stone that is popular with homeowners. The stone's simple black color makes for a stylish countertop or vanity. You would find many manufacturers of granite in the country. Bhutra marbles and granites are the leading Black Granite manufacturer in India. The aesthetics that are created by the addition of black granite slabs to your home decor or exteriors stand out in the crowd. The range of patterns the granite is not as much as other natural stones yet it tends to produce a style statement that is modern, unique, and luxurious. A huge number of homeowners use fancy black granite slab to give a striking look, especially for their kitchens and bathrooms. Even if you are just remodeling your kitchen, the incorporation of black granite can endow the space with a novel look. Another reason to use the granite slab is that it can complement well with the design elements including flooring, cabinets, and sink - no matter which color or texture. Black is the ultimate color that easily blends with other colors. The black color accentuates other colors already present in your kitchen or bathroom design. Thus, the black granite provides a spectacular contrasting appearance when matched with white or lighter islands and cabinets. According to a natural stone expert's recommendation, black granite can be used in countless applications including indoors and outdoors depending on the individual interest. Let us look at some of the applications where black granite can prove to be an apt choice.

Kitchen Countertops

For a long-lasting and sturdy countertop that remains as it is for years together, the black Granite slab is a smart choice. A polished black countertop shines like a mirror and highlights everything sitting around it. The black granite is an excellent partner for the wood cabinetry. Another great design idea is to match the stone with the kitchen surrounded by stainless steel features. It imparts a sophisticated look with the combination of steel grey and black.


Black granite is the ideal choice for bathrooms. The stone proves to be a perfect choice for bathrooms as it adds a unique dimension and a level of sophistication. The Black granite slab provides resistance to water, heat, and the humid environment.

Table Tops

The slab is a great choice for customizing table tops and bar tops. This stone is heat and scratch-resistant, therefore black granite slab is used as a tabletop of the laundry room.


Black color floors add depth and intensity to any space. The granite slabs or tiles used on flooring enriches the aesthetics while giving a classic look to space. Natural stone experts recommend installing black granite flooring in rooms with big windows and ample sunlight.

Accent Walls

Without much effort, just the installation of the black stone on accent walls is enough to give a wow feel to even the simplest home decor. The granite can be used on accent walls in bathrooms, behind a shower or a bathtub. It forms a classic backdrop for walls in living rooms or kitchens as well. For countertops, the stone has always been a staple choice, but going out of the line, one can install it in innumerable ways. We, at Bhutra marbles and granite, believe in customer's satisfaction and provides them with the best quality products that would suit their interior.
Black Granite Slab
Black Granite Slab

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