Blue Lapis Slab

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June 23, 2023
Blue Lace Agate Slab
June 23, 2023

Blue Lapis Slab


The Blue Lapis Slab is a mesmerizing semi-precious stone that exudes elegance and beauty, crafted by nature itself.

With its rich, deep blue hue, it adds opulence to any space, with vibrant blue tones and delicate golden flecks. Each slab is meticulously hand-selected, ensuring exceptional quality and uniqueness.

The smooth surface showcases the stone’s natural patterns, making it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The Blue Lapis Slab has a rich history and symbolism, as Lapis Lazuli, from which the slab is derived, has been cherished for centuries for its association with wisdom, truth, and enlightenment.

As a versatile material, it can be used in tabletops, statement walls, luxurious accents, and more.

Whether incorporated into a modern, minimalist design or a more traditional setting, the Blue Lapis Slab will undoubtedly become the focal point of any room.

Experience the essence of luxury with the Blue Lapis Slab, a true masterpiece from nature itself.

Price – ₹1200-2000 / Square Feet.

Product Blue Lapis
Slab Sizes 10*6 ft., 8*6 ft., 7*5 ft. Etc. Random Slabs Size Available.
Thickness 18 mm & 20 mm Available Other Customized on Order.
Applications Counter/Vanity Top, Flooring, Cladding, Swimming Pool Areas, Bathroom Walls & Floors, Fireplace Walls, Kitchen Island, Outdoor Designs Etc.

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