Black Granite Slab for Interior Design

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June 20, 2019
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Black Granite Slab

Black Granite slab are one of the well known and famous natural stones used by homeowners worldwide. Black granite is in the trend now days with its natural black vision and grace. The granite is generally known for its hardness, long lasting life and appearance that remains unsurpassed in the sphere of natural stones. Bhutra Marble & Granite has an excellent range of patterns and swirls of black Granite that gives a unique style statement. We have large amount of modern, unique, and luxurious black granite slabs for our customers. We have huge number of our customers they desire black granite to give a salient look for their kitchens and bathrooms mostly.

If you are building a new kitchen or remodeling your kitchen, black granite can help you to make your space like a novel look. Black Granite is widely used with some design elements including flooring, cabinets and wash basins. It doesn’t matter which color or texture. Black is such an ultimate and attractive color that easily matches with other color combinations. Black color has ability to underlines other colors that are already available in your kitchen and bathroom decor. Black granite offers striking contrast looks when it’s matched with white and light colored cabinets.

Black Granite Slab Supplier

Bhutra Marble & Granite is offering Black Granite Slab for any commercial or residential space in different colour and texture. Black Granite Slab has countless applications for indoor and outdoor designs. The Black Granite Stone is a global choice for creating stunning kitchen countertops, floors, wall cladding and other architectural features. Black Granite can be used for all kinds of design and space.

Black Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Black Granite is widely used to make kitchen countertops. Black Granite is long-lasting and well built granite that remains countertops as it is for years together. For kitchen countertops, the black granite stone is a perfect choice. Our offered polished black granite countertop is gloss like a mirror after applying in kitchen. The combination of Black Granite Countertop and lighter wooden cabinets create an imaginary design. It makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable.

Black Granite for Bathroom

Black granite is also endmost choice for bathroom decoration because it offers a distinctive dimension and another high level of elegance. This is used in bathroom mostly because it provides resistance to water, heat, and the humid surroundings.

Black Granite for Table Tops/Bar Tops

Black Granite for stone is also used for producing customized table tops and bar countertops.

Black Granite for Flooring
Black colour floors add an amazing intensity to any area. The black granite slabs are used on flooring enhances the beauty and provides a classic look to space.

Black Granite Slab for Accent Walls - Installation of the black granite stone on walls will not stop you to saying wow!! This granite used on bathroom walls, bathtubs and showers. You can also apply in kitchen, living area and other spaces.
Most of the projects use generally Black Granite Slab. Black Granite provided by Bhutra Marble & Granites is one of the Indian Granite that available at cheapest prices. Our manufactured Black granite slab can be shaped with various textures and finishes. The features of this granite are outstanding and the demands are also growing. This is suitable for both small and big projects. The bush-hammered, sawn, flamed, shot blasting, rustic, polished, honed finished comes in Black Granite Slab. We are frequently using the most popular “FLAME” for different major projects.

Bhutra Marble & Granite, the Black Granite Slab supplier in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India is a superintendent in producing great varieties of black granite slabs. Owing to our commands and knowledge in the universe of natural stones, we are the world class black granite slab exporter from India. We also offer Black Granite Tiles, Blocks and customized stone products to our customers.

We provide black granite slab range in different shapes that can easily fit into your area as per specific interests of individuals. We have Absolute Black Granite Slabs, Black Galaxy Granite Slabs, and Black Pearl Granite Slabs.

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Black Granite slabs are one of the well known and famous natural stones used by homeowners worldwide.

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