Semi Precious Marble Stones: Luxurious Marble in the World

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Alaska Granite At Best Price ₹99 From Kishangarh
March 5, 2023
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Finest Imported Granites Exporter in India
March 17, 2023
Semi Precious Marble Stones

Semi-precious marble is a special kind of marble that is not seen as often as other kinds.

It’s very pretty and special, and people really like it. It’s used a lot in fancy and expensive projects like big hotels, mansions, and museums.

Semi-precious marble is a material that can be used for lots of different things. It’s often used in fancy projects to make them look really lovely and special.

Whether it’s used in something small or something big, semi-precious marble always looks really impressive.

Types of Semi Precious Marble Stones

Semi-precious marble stones are available in many colors and designs, each with its own distinct features and characteristics. Some popular types of semi-precious marble include:

Agate Marble

This type of marble is made from agate, a mineral that forms in volcanic rocks. It has colorful bands and comes in shades of blue, green, red, and brown.

Amethyst Marble

Made from amethyst, a purple quartz mineral, this marble can also be found in pink and green hues.

Jasper Marble

Jasper is a chalcedony mineral with natural patterns and earthy tones. Jasper marble comes in a range of colors, including red, yellow, and green.

Quartz Marble

Quartz is a common mineral that is highly valued for its clarity and transparency. Quartz marble can come in a variety of colors, such as white, pink, and green.

Onyx Marble

This type of marble is made from onyx, a chalcedony mineral that has a translucent quality. It comes in various colors, including black, white, and green.

Petrified Wood Marble

Petrified wood is fossilized wood that has been replaced by minerals over time. Petrified wood marble has unique patterns and colors, such as brown, red, and blue shades.

Malachite Marble

Malachite is a copper mineral known for its green color and unique banding patterns. This marble is rare and highly sought-after for decorative purposes.

Lapis Lazuli Marble

Lapis lazuli is a rock made up of several minerals, including lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. Lapis lazuli marble has a deep blue color and is often used for decorative objects like vases and sculptures.

Tiger’s Eye Marble

Tiger’s eye is a quartz mineral with a distinctive golden-brown color and wavy patterns. Tiger’s eye marble is a rare and highly prized material for decorative applications.

Blue Agate Marble

This type of marble is made from blue agate, characterized by its blue color and natural banding patterns. It is often used for countertops, backsplashes, and decorative objects.

Semi Precious Marble Price Overview

Semi-precious marble stones are expensive because they are considered luxurious materials. The price of semi-precious marble stones can vary based on factors like the type, quality, and size of the stone.

Typically, the cost of semi-precious marble stones falls between Rs. 3000 to Rs.7000/- per square foot for slabs and tiles. But some of the rare and high-quality types can cost up to Rs. 25000/- per square foot.

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